Saturday 10 January 2015

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Josef Albers silkscreen, White Line Squares | Homage to the Square



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Friday 9 January 2015


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Wood McGrath – Special | September Industry

People and their shadows on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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grain edit · Blanca Gomez Interview

grain edit · Blanca Gomez Interview

grain edit · Blanca Gomez Interview

Thursday 8 January 2015

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Lovely artwork by heylenne heylenne: Children’s book...

Lovely artwork by heylenne


Children’s book illustrations for the tale “Undine”.

It’s a german fairytale about a water elemental that falls in love with a knight and by loving him (and being loved back) gains a human soul. It’s a quite tragic tale, the couple get married and all goes perfectly happy for a while until the knight starts having feelings for another…

It’s an unsual fairytale, more adult oriented I think. (I don’t always read fairytales so rich in details about human behavior and I’m not sure children would understand what is being represented but… well, we can always simplify things with images.)

Not my usual style, but I had only 2 days (including sleepless nights) to start AND finish 5 illustrations… And I find this simplified style much easier to do. I finished them just in time. =)

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Wednesday 7 January 2015

""Curation is more than packaging–it is to help readers [discern] what is important in the world.”..."

“"Curation is more than packaging–it is to help readers [discern] what is important in the world.” —Maria Popova, Brain Pickings”


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CJWHO ™ (Grains Of Sand by Calvin Seibert Calvin Seibert...)


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