Saturday 29 September 2012


UnderDogs Portraits

UnderDogs is a series by photographer Sebastian Magnani. Click through to view more sweet portraits.

About the artist taken from Artist’s site and then translated via google

Sebastian Magnani, born on 21 February 1985 in Brig in 2006, at the conclusion of the doctrine as a polygraph, he discovered a passion for photography. After 5 years as a graphic designer and creative advertising agency in Brig, he decided to turn his passion into a profession. Since 2012 he lives in Bern as a professional photographer.

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Wire Trees By Kevin Iris

Wire Trees by artist Kevin Iris. His interest in bonsai trees inspired these incredible sculptures which are made of wires that are twisted together. His sculptures are available to purchase at his online store. Check it out here.

Click through to view more of his amazing work!

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Recycled Tire Coffee Table

The Recycled Tire Coffee Table was made by Instructables user bigern00. With an old tire, plywood, some screws and some stain or paint you could build one yourself. He shows you what you need and exactly how to make it here.

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Cosmo Sapiens

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~ Weird Animated Gif ~

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Otaku Gangsta

Gretchen Jones :: Blog

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Ophelia by ~dsiqueiros on deviantART

Фотограф Arnoldas Jurgaitis (58 фото - 8.31Mb) » - Фотоблоги интересных людей


Corning Concept Video: Please Use More Glass Touchscreens! Please! | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

Vintage Me Oh My

internazionale : bomboland

The Philosopher | Flickr – Condivisione di foto!

ghost in your mind by =agnes-cecile

Color by `yuumei

Ganon Vs Link Colors by `pacman23

Ballpoint Pen Icarus - WIP by =kleinmeli

Friday 28 September 2012


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1,500 US Museums Are Free This Weekend

There are 1,500 Museums that are going to be free this weekend. Simply choose the museum you’d like to go to from this form and you’ll receive two passes. Click here for an interactive map which makes locating the local museum a lot less troublesome.

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Dragon Claw Bracelet

Handmade Dragon Claw Bracelet by Stephanie Allen of RockerDollJewellery.

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Design;Defined |

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Long Exposure Photograph of An Atlas V Rocket Trail

This photograph was taken when an Atlas V Rocket climbed through the early morning over Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The photo is a composite of two exposures, one with the dramatic lighting, clouds and sky and another 3 minute long exposure of the rocket’s trail. The beautiful photograph was taken by Mike Killian.

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grain edit · The Future is Today: 2010 Calendars

Woopsy Paint Spilling Lamp

Woopsy Paint Spilling Lamp is a perfectly functional lamp that looks like paint is spilling out of a paint bucket. The Lamp is made of plastic with a linen fabric shade and comes in different colors. Click through to view more.

COSTS: $34.91