Saturday 9 February 2013

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Natural History Museum in London

natural history museum london

Natural History Museum in London taken by Martin Turner.

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5280 Magazine on Typography Served

Hot Lips

hot lips

Psychotria Elata ‘Hot Lips’ found in tropical regions of the Americas.

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Big Foot Inspired Art Show Posters/Prints by Office | Allan Peters' Blog

Pfaffenbichler_Glasses_01_duotone.jpg 543×543 pixels

tumblr_lyybb6Yv9Y1qgiw5to1_500.jpg 500×619 pixels

Martian landscapes - The Big Picture -

ISO50 - The Visual Work of Scott Hansen



Every reform movement has a lunatic fringe

Martian landscapes - The Big Picture -

e v e r y t h i n g

Morning Tea by Serge N. Kozintsev


Morning Tea by Serge N. Kozintsev.

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Friday 8 February 2013

Artwork by *Frederick-Rattzen

: Hand Signals: Digits, Fists, and Talons

Herbert Matter. Engelberg Trübsee, promotional poster for Engleberg, Switzerland. 1936. Two-color gravure, 40" x 25 ¼” (101.6 x 64.1 cm). Gift of the designer. © 2013 Alexander Matter

April 5–September 2, 2013

: Applied Design

Massoud Hassani. Mine Kafon wind-powered deminer. 2011. Bamboo and biodegradable plastics, 87 x 87 x 87" (221 x 221 x 221 cm). Gift of The Contemporary Arts Council of The Museum of Modern Art. Photo by Rene van der Hulst

March 1, 2013–January 31, 2014

: A Trip from Here to There

Mona Hatoum. Routes II. 2002. Colored ink and gouache on five maps, installation: 35 1/2 x 42 x 1" (90.2 x 106.7 x 2.5 cm). The Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Collection Gift. © 2013 Mona Hatoum

March 1–July 30, 2013

kaufmanslide14.jpeg (Image JPEG, 600x400 pixels)

After The Smoke

You Are Not Alone by *torivarn Pssst… Last chance to save...

Dark side of typography

キ  リ  ペ  チ  カ

Silence / Shapes - but does it float

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Every reform movement has a lunatic fringe


we all wanna change the world ☮

PORNOCOMIC7.jpg (image)

The line that describes the beautiful is elliptical. It has... - but does it float

The Blue Elephant by xiaobaosg on Etsy

Sandwich Suitcase

sandwich suitcase

Sandich Suitcase… what?

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Hand-le Shiny Aluminium Door Handle


In the shape of a hand shake this extraordinary door handle is called Hand-le.

COSTS: £59.95 About $94 USD



COSTS: £59.95 (About $95)


Dr. Forbes

Graphic Porn

Thursday 7 February 2013

Crocheted Baby Mermaid Princess


You can purchase this crocheted baby Mermaid Princess bed 12 month size or smaller if you’d like. The turn around time is about two weeks. Made by Karen Long of Utah.